My friend is celebrating her 18th birthday. I wish I was able to celebrate my debut like any other girl do. But, I guess I am not the type of girl who likes throwing a party and gets all attention of. Anyway, I will be helping her out with the invitations and other printings needed. I’ll design and get copies of it. I am thinking about zoo printing, it’s affordable and gives good quality.

When your hair is a mess you have two options: either comb it or brush it. But keep in mind that these two grooming tools have both different and specific purpose. To keep your mane healthy and shiny, you should use the right kind of grooming tools.

When your hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage. Brushing your hair at this state can damage your hair so it’s best to detangle knots with a comb. Once all the knots have been detangled and your hair is already smooth, you may now use a comb to style or give volume to your hair. A brush tends to pull more hair when it meets a tangle hence it’s more advisable to detangle your hair first with a comb before brushing.

Look what I found? A very interesting musical instrument, which for me is not so usual. It is a kind of percussion instrument which perhaps creates a very beautiful musical tone. The adams marimba is has bars which is made up of usually wood but can also be a synthetic material. A kind of interesting instrument which happens to be so popular in Guatemala.

A good skin care regimen can help you maintain healthy skin. And a skin care regimen won’t be deemed as a good one without the right products. Everyone has varied types of skin, thus, in choosing skin products you should the one that’s suits you. There are two basic must-haves in every skin care regimen so make sure to include these on your beauty loot:

    1. Cleanser. Soaps may disturb your skin’s natural pH balance hence it’s better to stick with a mild cleanser that’s mild on your skin. For oily skin, use a cleanser that has oil control properties. If you tend to always break out with acne, get a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. If you have dry skin, then lather on a cream instead of a foaming cleanser.

    2. Moisturizer. Whatever type of skin you have, you should always moisturize! Go for a light hydrating moisturizer that will help keep your skin smooth and soft

Guess what? I am currently working on something creative. I am pretty much excited to unravel this to all of you, dear readers. *banana dance! This is a quick post because I’ll be needing to attend a morning musical play rehearsal tomorrow, my friend will be playing a trombone. Good for him that he found a trombone stands at guitar center, like weeks ago.