To find the perfect mascara one must take note of the following: Color, type, brush, formulation and price. Like any other product you want to make sure that the mascara you are purchasing provides you with what you need and at the same time lasts long enough that it is actually worth what you’ve paid […]

If you’re dark toned you’d understand the agony of having to buy make up. You’d always want to buy something that you’re sure would go well with your skin color. You’d probably stick to the plums and the browns. At times you’d wish that your skin would magically turn fair just so that you can […]

Finding the perfect lip gloss can be quite a hassle. We use gloss almost every day, not only does it give your lips the shine and color it needs, your lip gloss is also supposed to protect your lips from the harmful UV rays in the day. You can opt for something tinted that would […]

When you think of lace, you usually think of weddings and other church-related activities. Sometimes you think about the olden days when lace was the in thing. If you’ve watch Keira Knightly on A Dangerous Method; you’d get this. Too risky you say? All you need are neutral colors and proper accessories to match. Breaking […]

Ever get that giddy feeling when you see your favorite cartoon character on a shirt and you’re dying to buy it but decide not to? Feels immature? Think again. You’re never too old for cartooned shirts. All you need is the right fit, the right style and the personality to make everything work out. For […]