As a kid growing up in the 90s you’d never be caught dead wearing thick rimmed glasses in fears of being bullied by your classmates. We all know how it goes, the nerd gets beat up or verbally abused.

It’s a different story now. We see fashionistas everywhere making this look work. Mind you not all of them have eye problems. Who’d have thought that thick-rimmed glasses would make it as a fashion statement?

The bigger and the thicker the rims of your glasses are the better. Of course you’d have to find something that suits the shape of your face, and let me tell you, this look is not for everyone.

Model: Mish Cortez | Photograph By: Aldrin Orqueta| Post Processed By: Mish Cortez

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6 Comments to “Blast From The Past: Thick Rimmed Glasses Makes Nerds Look Cool Today”

  1. I have eye problems even as a child and yes, I tried to avoid thick-rimmed glasses :D I’d go for those semi or rimless ones so I’d still look a little cooler even with glasses on. Haha.. I’ve tried wearing thick-rimmed glasses though for photoshoot purposes, but I guess it doesn’t fit me that much? Or maybe I’m just uncomfortable wearing them.. ^^ Anyway, Mish looks really pretty with the glasses on.

  2. wow this looks really cool!

  3. true that~!
    only 90s kids will understand. heheh

  4. Personally, I don’t like thick-rimmed glasses because they don’t suit my face but I’m a sucker for sunglasses! :)

  5. rimmed glasses are hot. :) fashionable!

  6. it looks good on her but definitely not on me though…

    I’d stick with my contact lenses :(