You know how most animal prints are associated with cougars? Well it’s time to break the stereotype and rock those leopard rosettes and tiger stripes!

Accessorizing and proper color blocking helps a lot in aging down the maturity animal prints bring. Top off that printed shorts with a plain shirt. Snap on a snazzy belt to give off a modern twist to your outfit. You don’t need to go over with the accessories though, the simpler the better.

Spice up your summer with different colors and textures. Animal prints are definitely a way to go.

Model: Monica Dazo | Photograph By: Jenkinz Samaneigo | Post Processed By: Jenkinz Samaniego

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10 Comments to “Breaking The Stereotype: Animal Prints Are Not Just For Cougars”

  1. my first time here in your blog. I love animal prints too!

  2. It suits you, ang looking beautiful on that picture, lovely

  3. Animal prints are in in 2012 so let’s rock it ladies!! ::)

  4. For me, animal prints are really sexy. :)

  5. She’s cute in her animal prints..

  6. cute! i love animal prints <3

  7. Lovely skirt! It suits her well..:)

  8. I’m not a huge fan of animal prints, for some reason. My Mum and my sister love them, though. :)

  9. I love animal prints. They are so hot :)

  10. cute photo sis! :D

    And I agree… di lng for cougars yung animal prints.. I love animal prints.. lalo na yung Zebra prints <3